The Complete Guide to Data Integration

This free e-book will give you a complete state-of-the-art overview of all data replication approaches.


Harnessing large amounts of data to make astute business decisions and improve operations is critical in this digital era. While our ability to generate data still far outstrips our ability to effectively analyze it, we are making great progress in balancing the two. New approaches are becoming increasingly necessary to merge big data solutions with traditional enterprise data strategies.

This e-Book examines the different data integration approaches that have evolved over the past 30+ years. You will learn about the various benefits and challenges that each of these approaches bring and how or if these approaches can help you to overcome your data management challenges incl. data governance, breaking data silos, and real-time connection to meet the current business objectives.

Part 1:

Overview of the methods


Part 2:

Set your requirements


Part 3:

Evaluating a method


Get a comprehensive overview about modern data replication methods and their data governance capabilities. 

Review your challenges and see how each approach fits to your individual needs.

Based on your learnings you are now able to evaluate the best fit. 

Simplify Your Decision Making Process

"Data Virtuality is so easy to use that even our business analysts can use it and get the data whenever they need it. Before Data Virtuality only our developers could use the tool and the business analysts had to wait. Now that the developers as well as business analysts can use the solution, we are not only more efficient but were able to cut cost by 80%!"

Fred Dunant

DMO, CrĂ©dit Agricole Consumer Finance