The Complete Guide Of Integrating Data To Tableau

A comparison of three data integration approaches:

ETL Tools, Tableau connectors, and DataVirtuality

The Challenge

When it comes to feeding Tableau with data, business intelligence managers can choose from different data integration approaches. Each approach has significant impacts on a company's data infrastructure and its ability to flexibly analyze and visualize data from multiple data sources.


Chapter 3:

Getting big data insights

Chapter 1:

Understanding the data integration challenge

Businesses need to know immediately if an idea is viable


Chapter 2:

Choosing a data integration approach

Transform business with big data insights derived from Tableau and DataVirtuality

ETL, Tableau self-service integration and DataVirtuality


Carly Kaufman

"We have been able to cut our development time by 80% which allowed us to spend more time on solving business problems and less time on the actual technical implementation"

Manager of Data Services, Craftsy